Recognition of Prior Learning

As a Registered Training Organisation, AFS offers Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to all training participants. RPL is the recognising and acknowledgement of a person’s skills and knowledge that they have attained through their working experience. Many training participants have established skills and knowledge which they have developed through various employment or volunteering situations. Often these skills can be mapped to requirements of vocational training. AFS encourages all training participants to present evidence for assessment for potential RPL.

AFS understands that not all students are interested in RPL but it is incumbent on AFS to offer it to training participants.

AFS, as a Registered Training Organisation, has the ability to provide Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) to participants who are able to demonstrate previously acquired skills, knowledge and experience. Participants will be asked to forward their professional CVs along with any other material they feel will contribute towards the RPL process. An AFS facilitator will assess the material for the purpose of determining appropriate RPL application to the individual participants. The facilitator is likely to contact the participant for the purpose of conducting a competency conversation. This is an opportunity for the participant to verbally demonstrate their skills, knowledge and experience against the requirements of the qualification.

Any gap training that may be required is identified and a strategy to complete is negotiated with the participant. Gap training is often made up of online learning and scenario based projects and may even include face to face facilitation.

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