PSP50316 Diploma of Government Security / CPP50611 Diploma of Security and Risk Management

Three easy steps to two diplomas

Australian Forensic Services (AFS) is offering a combined Diploma of Government Security (PSP50316) and Diploma of Security and Risk Management (CPP50611). These qualifications cover the competencies required for independent and self-directed work in the public sector as a practitioner in government security and risk management. It is suitable for individuals who need to apply integrated technical and theoretical concepts in a broad range of contexts to undertake advanced skilled duties in a government security environment.

Course Structure

The course is delivered in 3 steps:

Recognition of Prior Learning

Generalist units are assessed by recognition of your knowledge and skills in the workplace.

E learning Activity

At your own pace, through the AFS Learning Management System and webinars, you will be provided with the knowledge and skills to conduct a complex Security Risk Survey, including the development, implementation and evaluation of a Security Risk Management Plan in accordance with the AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management – Principles and guidelines.

Face to face (5 days) 

In a five-day face to face learning environment you will be given the opportunity to discuss issues with Subject Matter Experts, identify a protective security and risk management problem, analyze the problem, develop solutions and develop a Business Case in a format presentable to a Senior Executive Officer.


Participants in this program must:

  • hold a minimum baseline security clearance
  • possess a general understanding of protective security and risk management

Cost for the Program

$4500.00 per participant

Upcoming Workshops

There are no workshops scheduled at this time.

You may be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning.