DEF42112 Certificate IV in Intelligence Operations

About this Qualification

This qualification – delivered only by Australian Forensic Services – allows for the attainment of occupational specific competencies for those working in operational roles undertaking and leading intelligence operations in a Defence, Public Service or private enterprise context. It is suitable for individuals who need to apply a broad range of specialised knowledge and skills in specific contexts within the intelligence operations environment.

This specialist qualification covers the broad range of skills required to operate without supervision where an individual is required to plan, initiate, conduct and finalise intelligence operations and also the skills required by those responsible for ensuring a focus on Government/Defence risk analysis, awareness and management.

Intelligence-led investigation  is defined as the application of criminal intelligence analysis as a rigorous decision making tool to facilitate crime reduction and prevention through effective investigation  strategies. Three structures (criminal environment, intelligence and the decision maker) and three processes (interpret, influence and impact) are identified as necessary for an intelligence-led investigation  model to work:

  • The first stage of the model is being able to interpret the criminal environment. This is usually performed by an intelligence section or unit and relies on a range of sources both within and external to the AGENCY.
  • The second stage is that intelligence is able to be identified and have an influence on the decision makers. This requires the ability to be able to sell and promote the intelligence to the decision maker.
  • Thirdly, intelligence-led investigation  requires decision makers being able to have the skills and enthusiasm to explore ways to reduce crime and have a positive impact on the criminal environment.

Units of Competency

Core Units

  • DEFCM008B Provide technical advice
  • DEFEQ002B Supervise equity and diversity in the workplace
  • DEFIN007A Supervise intelligence operations
  • PUACOM007B Liaise with other organisations
  • BSBOHS407A Monitor a safe workplace
  • BSBWRT401A Write complex documents

Elective Units

  • BSBCMM401A Make a presentation
  • BSBWRT501A Write persuasive copy
  • CPPSEC4003A Advise on security needs
  • CPPSEC4006A Assess risks
  • CPPSEC4007A Assess threat
  • PSPSEC406A Provide government security briefings
  • PSPSEC506A Communicate security awareness
  • PSPGOV307B Organise workplace information
  • PSPPM402B Manage simple projects
  • PSPREG415A Receive and validate data
  • PSPREG416A Conduct data analysis

Delivery and Cost

The course is delivered through a blend of self-paced online learning complementing an intensive five-day scenario-based workshop.  Course cost is $3520.

Candidates can commence the online component of the training at any time.

Upcoming Workshop Dates

1 Workshop(s)

Intelligence Operations Workshop, ACT

16/10/2017 - 20/10/2017

AFS Head Quarters

This workshop covers the broad range of skills required to operate without supervision where an individual is required to plan, initiate,…

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