AFS Vetting Services

The Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) is responsible for managing the security clearance process, including processing, evaluating and granting security clearances on behalf of the Australian Government.

To assist in the process, the AGSVA utilises a panel of government-approved vetting companies including Key Vetting Services (KVS). AFS Vetting Services conducts security clearance checks under contract to KVS.  All staff employed by AFS Vetting Services have been through a strict selection process and hold appropriate qualifications to conduct vetting on behalf of the AGSVA and are appropriately cleared.

AFS Vetting Services Personnel

Tom McQuillen
Chief Security Officer
Barry Lohse
Vetting Coordinator
Steve Towson
Chief Info Sec Officer
John Giri
QA Officer
Karen Deshpande
Vetting Officer
Mike Doroshenko
Vetting Officer
Lindsay Griffith
Vetting Officer
Kym Iliff-Reynolds
Vetting Officer
Vince Jones
Vetting Officer
Crystle Lomas
Vetting Officer
David McRae
Vetting Officer
Peter Perkins
Vetting Officer
Pat Reynolds
Security Officer
Linda Robey
Vetting Officer
Stephen Rowcliffe
Vetting Officer
Col Speedie
Vetting Officer

If you have any concerns about the staff member who is contacting you in regard to your security clearance you can verify their credentials by contacting the AGSVA on telephone number 1800 640 450 or email